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  • Ballal created an article,

    How to manage Cirium Sky Data Warehouse credentials using My Cirium?

    For admin users within the customer organisation, your My Cirium account lets you manage Cirium Sky Data Warehouse user credentials. As an admin user for your organisation My Cirium allows you to:a...

  • Ballal created an article,

    How to sign up to My Cirium?

    My Cirium is part of the One Cirium experience and allows Cirium users to manage all of their product accounts in one place.  From a Cirium Sky Data Warehouse perspective, My Cirium lets the nomina...

  • Ballal created an article,

    Connect to Cirium Sky Data Warehouse Using SSH Tunnel

    Prerequisites Software installation OpenSSH For MS Windows OS, please see Get started with OpenSSH for Windows For Linux base OS. e.g Ubuntu, MacOS. OpenSSH is already available by default. ...

  • Ballal created an article,

    Connect to Cirium Sky Data Warehouse Using IP Allow List

    Pre-requisites Before you start, you will need the following information: The Redshift URL: Port: You may connect via either port 5439 or 443 Username: (Provided as part o...

  • Ballal created an article,

    Why does my Cirium Sky connection timeout?

    Access to Cirium Sky is based on an allow list. Connections from IP addresses on the allow list are permitted to Cirium Sky.   The connection timeout message suggests that the user is not connectin...

  • Ballal created an article,

    How often is the data in Cirium Sky refreshed?

    Data across whole datasets are updated at different times depending on when new data is available.   For example fleets data is updated once a day between 7 and 8 UTC time, flights data is updated ...

  • Ballal created an article,

    What database does Cirium Sky use?

    Data is updated and stored into Amazon Redshift which is a relational database management system managed by AWS.   To learn more please contact one of our Cirium Experts.

  • Ballal created an article,

    Cirium Sky Planned Quarterly Maintenance Calendar

    Cirium intends to run planned quarterly maintenance windows on the Cirium Sky environment to ensure that the platform is kept secure and up-to-date. The quarterly maintenance calendar below shows t...

  • Ballal created an article,

    Cirium Sky SLA

    Cirium Sky is a managed data warehouse enabling airlines to quickly discover actionable insights backed by a wealth of operational data and context. Cirium Sky empowers airline mission management a...

  • Ballal created an article,

    Protecting your Cirium Sky credentials

    Your Cirium Sky login credentials (username and password) give you access to the Cirium Sky data warehouse. It is important that you protect these credentials to avoid unauthorised use of the data ...